Environmental Engineering

Brief Course Description/Objective

  • Able to perform basic tests of the quantity and quality characteristics of environmental elements and systems by state-of-the-art measuring instruments; to draw up and implement measurement plans; and to evaluate data.
  • Able to solve tasks of water, soil, air, radiation, and noise protection, as well as of waste treatment and processing at proposal level; to participate in preparing decisions; to perform authority audits; and to take part in the operation of these technologies.
  • Able to perform environmental impact assessments and to participate in compiling impact studies.
  • Able to apply environmental remediation methods, to prepare for and participate in remediation.
  • Able to apply in practice as well the regulations and requirements of health and safety, fire protection, and safety engineering as related to their special field.
  • Able to communicate both verbally and in writing in their mother tongue and in at least one foreign language, in respect of professional issues, and to continuously develop their professional skills as required.
  • Able to perform public administrative and authority tasks related to environment protection after getting acquainted with the duty assigned to them.
  • Adequate perseverance and endurance of monotony to perform practical operations.
  • Able to carry out assignments as environmental officer.
  • Able to participate in project and proposal implementation and audit tasks based on their knowledge.
  • Able to carry out management duties subject to sufficient professional experience.
  • Able to cooperate with engineers involved in the development and application of production and other technologies to develop the given technology in terms of environment protection.
  • Able to participate creatively in engineering work based on their multidisciplinary skills, as well as to adapt to continuously changing circumstances.
  • Able to reveal deficiencies in the technologies applied and process risks and to initiate mitigation measures after getting familiarized with the technology concerned.
  • Able to take part in environment expertise, advisory, and decision preparation work.


Program level

Study option