Applied Informatics

The applied informatics and the applied mathematics disciplines appear in the program separately. At the same time, these disciplines are linked in the program organically. The curriculum background of the currently on-going and accredited program of the AIDI will be saved in the new more interdisciplinary AIAMDI. The main purpose of the extended doctoral program is to reinforce the rapidly developing research in technical mathematics. In accordance with the dual discipline nature of the doctoral school, the program consists of two main units:

Applied Mathematics

The aim of the course is to train mathematicians who are able to effectively model and solve problems that arise in real-life applications, within engineering, natural sciences, industry and management. The curriculum follows the recommendations of the SIAM, putting emphasis to application-oriented mathematics, practical applications, modelling and communication skills, team work, computer programming and high-performance computing.

Computer Engineering

The aim of the course is to qualify engineers who, having acquired the necessary high-level scientific and specific IT-related technological skills, to be competent to design new IT systems and tools, to develop and integrate IT systems, to conduct and coordinate IT-purpose research and development tasks, as well as to be capable of pursuing their knowledge in the frame of PhD studies.

Computer Engineering

The aim of the course is to qualify computer science engineers who are competent to install, develop and maintain technical IT and information infrastructure systems and services, and to participate in the design and development tasks of the data and program systems of those, as well as possess the necessary high-level knowledge to pursue the program at a master level.