Military Engineering / Safety and Security Sciences


Basic courses in Safety and Security sciences

  1. General studies on sciences (Physic, Mathematic, Fuzzy-logic, Methods of research; Material sciences, Biometrical infrastructures)
  2. Methods testing (Tests-method of materials and structures; explosive metalworking technologies, IT-technology, Critical infrastructures, Information technology and infrastructures, Mechanical and Safety Engineering, etc.)

Courses in specific areas of Safety and Security sciences

Environmental Engineering

  • Able to perform basic tests of the quantity and quality characteristics of environmental elements and systems by state-of-the-art measuring instruments; to draw up and implement measurement plans; and to evaluate data.
  • Able to solve tasks of water, soil, air, radiation, and noise protection, as well as of waste treatment and processing at proposal level; to participate in preparing decisions; to perform authority audits; and to take part in the operation of these technologies.