Hall of Fame

Joseph Galamb

Designer of Ford Model T

Joseph Galamb was born in 1881 in Hungary. He graduated from the Budapest Technical University (now Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Óbuda University) in 1899 as a mechanical engineer. Galamb became a draftsman at the Steel Engineering Factory in Diosgyor, then joined the Hungarian Automobile Company, in Transylvania, where he won a scholarship to do postgraduate work in Germany. Joseph Galamb started to work as a draftsman and designer at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit in 1905, he designed components of the Ford T-model.


Charles Balough

President of the Hercules Motor Manufacturing Company, designer of Ford T-modell

Charles Balough was born in 1883 in Nagylak, Hungary. He graduated from the first predecessor of Óbuda University, the „Budapest Magyar Királyi Felső Állami Ipariskola” (today the Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering). Charles Balough worked as a designer of Ford T-Model with Joseph Galamb. Balough was the member of those four people who established the Hercules Motor Manufacturing Company, he became the president of the company.

Júlia Sebestyén

European Champion Figure Skater

Júlia Sebestyén is a Hungarian former competitive figure skater. She was the European Champion in 2004 and the Hungarian national champion between 2002-2010. She was the first Hungarian woman who won the European title. She graduated from “Budapest Tech” (today Óbuda University, Keleti Károly Faculty of Business and Management) in 2008.

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Ferjáncz Attila

Hungarian rally driver, Hungarian Champion, sports director

Attila Ferjáncz was a Hungarian rally driver. He won the Hungarian Rally Championship series from 1976 to 1982 and in 1985 and 1990, he was the Hungarian racer of the year 12 times. In 1999 Ferjáncz became the president of the “Magyar Nemzeti Autósport Szövetség” (MNASZ).

He was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.

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Imre Gedővári

Hungarian fencer and Olympic gold medalist, sports director

Imre Gedővári was a Hungarian fencer and Olympic gold medalist. He won his first World Championship medal in 1975. He won his first World Championship gold medals in 1978 for team sabre and two more in 1981 and 1982. At the 1980 Olympics, he won two bronze medals. At the 1988 Olympics, Gedővári won the decisive match in a come-from-behind gold medal performance for Hungary. He retired from competition after the Olympics as a ten-time national champion.

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Lajos Boros

radio presenter, journalist, author and singer

Lajos Boros is a famous Hungarian radio presenter, journalist, author and singer. He worked at Danubius Radio between 1989 - 1997 as a music editor and radio presenter. He is also known for his popular morning shows at Sláger Radio and Neo FM.

Lajos Boros graduated from the Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Elcetrical Engineering, Óbuda University.

Rudolf Emil Kálmán

electrical engineer, mathematician, inventor

Rudolf Emil Kálmán was a Hungarian-born American electrical engineer, mathematician, and inventor, he worked as an electrical engineer at ETH Zürich and the University of Florida. He was most known for his co-invention and development of the Kalman filter, a mathematical algorithm that is widely used in signal processing, control systems, and guidance, navigation and control. For this work, U.S. President Barack Obama awarded Kálmán the National Medal of Science on October 2009. Rudolf Emil Kálmán passed away in Gainessville, Florida in 2016.

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George Andrew Olah


George Andrew Olah was a Hungarian and American chemist. His research involved the generation and reactivity of carbocations via superacids. For this research, Olah was awarded a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1994. He was also awarded the Priestley Medal, the highest honor granted by the American Chemical Society and F.A. Cotton Medal for Excellence in Chemical Research of the American Chemical Society in 1996.

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Anita Benes

designer, founder of Daalarna

Anita Benes is a Hungarian designer, the founder of the Hungarian brand Daalarna and has won the title of Businesswoman of the Year. At first, Anita Benes started to design costumes, cocktail dresses, coats and mini dresses. She was interested in designing wedding dresses and opened her showroom in Budapest in 2004. Daalarna wedding dresses are available in 35 countries now.

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