The management and faculty of Óbuda University deem it important to get to know your opinion about education and academic staff.

Dear Student,


The valid and effective implementation of student assessments of professors’ work (OMHV) has special relevance in respect of the accreditation qualification of the University and professors’ promotions. The procedure for OMHV in regard to your subjects included in the sample curriculum is announced for every semester.

You are kindly asked to complete the questionnaires shared with you on the web-based student interface of the Neptun system, under the menu item Administration / Questionnaires. After logging in to the Neptun system, you will receive notification on questionnaires not yet completed in a pop-up window as well.

Responses are absolutely anonymous.

Similarly to past semesters, questionnaires are stored on a special interface – in the Unipoll system –, where they are dissociated from any and all student personal data (e.g. Name or Neptun identifier), so the content of the completed questionnaires cannot be linked with the student completing them.

Students taking part in the incentive program receive virtual payment instruments (so-called tokens) in return for completing the assessment questionnaires, which they can redeem for benefits specified each semester. The scope of benefits is included in Rector’s instructions No. 3/2021. (IV.1). In the event of full completion, tokens will be credited automatically in the Neptun system.

You can complete the questionnaires between 08:00 on 09 April 2021 and 23:59 on 09 May 2021.

Please contribute to education quality improvements by completing the questionnaires and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the token system.

Thank you for your collaboration.