Student Services

The Department of Student Services deals with offering training programmes and organising events and focuses on career planning and counselling activities in order to help students during their university years.


The Student Community Centres (SCC)

The Student Community Centres (SCC) provide ÓE students help with their studies, and offer free time and recreational activities. Both centres serve as meeting points where our colleagues assist students in finding out about scholarship opportunities, organising social events and counselling. We look forward to seeing you in our centres.

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Mental Health Counselling

We all might come across problems that arise from our university commitments and challenges that we cannot solve on our own. Our psychologists can assist you in moving forward. The sessions usually take place once a week and run for 50 minutes.

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Our department is committed to functioning as a mediator between ÓE's students and the labour market as we would like to help our students find jobs. Click on 'learn more' to see current job postings at our industrial partners.

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