Press Release - Obuda University supports its citizens who are affected in the Ukranian war

We are in solidarity with the situation in Ukraine in recent days, said Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, Rector of the University of Óbuda. As he said: We express our condolences to our students, teachers and staff who are worried and feel pain about the involvement of their homeland in the ongoing war conflict. We condemn all forms of war-  the rector of the university added- emphasizing that their students of Ukrainian citizenship, Hungarians and other nationalities across the border are supported in every possible way.

The University of Óbuda is doing its best to alleviate the situation and prevent the development of a humanitarian crisis. Based on its available possibilities, the university offers its help to all concerned, especially to the managers, employees and students of higher education institutions - underlined Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács.

In addition to providing psychological assistance, they also initiate humanitarian fundraising and set up a helpline. Students and lecturers of the Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering of the University of Óbuda, participating in the programme of Humanitarian Response manager, play a key role in the organization of the actions About ten Transcarpathian students are currently studying at the university, but the number of students from the war-affected area has also been mapped.

Within the framework of our capacity, we provide assistance in the accommodation and care of refugee students arriving to Hungary with our dormitory places, and we also ensure that they can continue their studies in the fields of study of our university – said the Rector. Together with the University Student Government (EHÖK), we have started to develop a support package that will allow us to create safe and calm conditions for students affected by the crisis to continue their studies.

We hope that peace will be restored in Ukraine as soon as possible, and we believe in the possibility of peaceful settlement of disputes, respect for the rule of law, said the rector of the University of Óbuda. 

Budapest, 28th February 2022

Óbuda University