Mechatronics Engineering

Brief Course Description/Objective

The aim of the course is the training of mechatronics engineers who, in possession of the acquired complex skills in natural sciences, electronic, mechanical and computer engineering as well as economics, will be capable of supervising and managing processes of manufacturing, assembly and quality regulation based on the use of mechatronic devices and equipment, constructing general mechatronics devices and operating as well as maintaining mechatronics systems, and who also possess well-founded theoretical knowledge to continue their studies in the second cycle of training (MSc). With regard to prospective specializations as well, those with a degree of BSc in Mechatronic Engineering will be able to

  • consider the management of technical, economic and human resources in a complex manner
  • assess and take into consideration the social impact of engineering activity
  • perform innovative thought and independently follow developments in science and technology
  • integrate skills in the respective fields of electronics, mechanical engineering and informatics
  • creatively apply devices such as sensors, actuators or controls in mechanisms
  • globally design complex systems.

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