Research, development and innovation have a distinguished role at Óbuda University working in close collaboration with the academic and industrial sphere. We are highly committed to achieving excellence in research and finding innovative solutions to the current global issues. Our internationally recognized research teams and facilities ensure creative and supportive environment for reaching this excellence.

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Óbuda University Research, Innovation and Service Center (EKIK)

The strategic goal of EKIK is to support and leverage the research of graduate students, to create an ecosystem of science and innovation, where intelligent learning and organic research meet applied development. EKIK is an internationally recognized research center and set an example on a national level. It consists of topical knowledge centers, aiming to spearhead a focus domain within the research portfolio of Óbuda University.

EKIK participates in the development of technology, focusing on novel tools and research environment, linking with appropriate control structures and user interfaces, helping the application of these technologies to serve the greater society. It provides application, interface and infrastructure for the partners and the external contractors. The key to its success is the ability to bring together the theoretical R&D and the practical applications. EKIK grants benefits for its members through integrated research projects, exchange programs, common publications and EU projects, which makes it easier for the industrial partners to access the new technologies, providing new applications and services to a wider public.

Research Centers

Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics (iROB)

Bio-Tech Research Center

Physiological Controls Research Center

  • Address: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b. 1st Floor, Room 127
  • Director: Vice-Dean of Education, Prof. Dr. Levente Kovács, ERC StG laureate, H2020 ERC Grant Project Coordinator and Principal Investigator

SmartLab Center

Alternative Energy Sources Research Center (AESRC)

  • Address: Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 94-96., Bldg C.
  • Director: Dr. Péter Kádár

Security Science Research Center

  • Address: Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, 1081 Budapest, Népszínház u. 8
  • Director: Dr. Tibor Babos

Center for Scientific Dissemination

  • Address: 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b. BA. 4.23.
  • Director: Prof. Dr. Aurél Galántai

Electric Power Conversion Systems Research Center

  • Address: Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 1034 Budapest, Bécsi út 94-96., Bldg C.
  • Director: Prof. Dr. István Vajda

Research Interests and Capacities


  • Data evaluation with multivariate statistics
  • Laboratory for dimensional measurements
  • Quality of cutting surfaces
  • Quality tools in automotive industry and risk analysis

Material Sciences and Manufacturing

  • Electromagnetic Metal Forming
  • Examination of cutting capacity of cutting tools
  • Examination of various raw materials cutting ability
  • Explosive Metalwork Technologies
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Wear Resistance Control of Coated Surfaces
  • Intelligent Space Laboratory

Safety Engineering

  • Applied Biometrics Institute, biometrics
  • Development options for manned guarding & mechanical protection
  • UAV application developments
  • UAS Cluster

Physiological Controls

  • Artificial pancreas for diabetics to conduce optimal management of general (robust) control algorithms
  • Biostatistical analysis of public health problems
  • Control engineering problems and software quality management of hemodialysis machines
  • Model-based optimal control method for cancer treatment


  • Intelligent Robotics Research
  • Medical Robotics Research


  • Distributed Energy Generation Center
  • Nuclear Reactors/Nuclear Energetics
  • Renewable Energy Research Center

Product Design

  • Product Design Development