In need of some inspiration? You have come to the right place. Read on to get more information on what our exchange students thought of their studies at Óbuda University.

Teszt Elek


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Jelena Jovkic


Erasmus programme was excellent opportunity to meet various groups of young people, spend quality time with them and get to know their habits, attitudes, lifestyle… Living, studying in different environment and cooperate with international scholars broaden my horizons and enable me to build strong social network with people through our continent. I had the best 4 months of my life. I am so truly thankful for this experience, it has changed me forever. Appreciate life, embrace what you have, and accept that this is your life, and you are the one to change it. Being an exchange student, and living in a different country for a while has opened my eyes. I learn a different language, I learn other traditions, and cultures. I learn to accept, and to be respected. I learn to be responsible, and to be careful. I learn to be friendly, and to be polite. Most of all, I learn how to live on my own. It was the first time for me to go elsewhere and live on my own. I probably learned my best “life lesson”. Now, I am a very open person, one who enjoys learning from other cultures, challenging myself with new experiences. Before doing this, I felt just like a standard student in my faculty. But things change. And to make thing change we have to risk, to jump in to the dark and see what happen. After four months, I have found a hand full of good friends, who I can trust, and I have gotten to know even more people.

Ivana Veličkovska


The Keleti faculty is located in the city centre, a perfect location. It’s very well organized, I haven’t experienced any difficulties regarding my classes nor regarding something else. I improved my English and added Hungarian words into my vocabulary. I liked the way the classes have been given, in small groups. That gave the opportunity to get to know my fellow students well. During that wonderful four months I survived many amazing things, I met a lot of great people from the whole Europe. As I am the first Erasmus student who came from my country to Keleti Faculty I will definitely recommend it to other students from Serbia. My time in Budapest changed my view on very different aspects of life, broadening my horizon. I realized the world is much bigger than the one I used to know before I left on Erasmus. I learned how to handle situations which aren't easy on my own and became more mature and independent. Most important of all, I discovered myself, partly thanks to the people I met, whom I’ll never forget.

Esmeralda Kädena


Time went so fast and finally I was at Óbuda University (Keleti Faculty of Business and Management) to complete the last semester of my MSc. in Business Information Technology. Firstly I thought it will be difficult to work on my thesis but when I met my supervisor everything seemed to be easier.

It was a great opportunity to participate in “TDK” (Scientific Conference for Students) which helped me on thesis work and an unexpected prize came to me (handed by the vice-rector for science). I am really thankful to Óbuda and I really appreciate their help, kindness and generosity.

It was a new and an unforgettable experience and I suggest all the students especially those who are from Albania to try it. It’s unique from the personal and academic point of view as well. This 4 months experience was highly enjoyable, exciting and helped me to grow as a person.



I had the possibility to visit Óbuda University for a four month exchange programme as a PhD student in the framework of Erasmus Mobility Programme. Even though I have another experience in studying abroad—as I was a Master student at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam—I found the Hungarian experience absolutely valuable and necessary. Those four months I spent in Budapest count as one of the best experiences I ever had through my life. I found a very warm and friendly environment in Keleti Faculty.

Óbuda University has a pleasant academic environment. It provides all the required facilities to fellow students assisting them toward a successful research project. While doing my research in Keleti Faculty, I had the opportunity to engage in teaching during the International Week, where I not only enjoyed teaching to Hungarian and other international students, but also had the opportunity of meeting other lectures from all over the Europe. I also participated in the Spring International conference.